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Double Infinity Symbol

Silver Double Infinity

The double infinity symbol is an intriguing concept, and not many people know of its true, deeper meaning. We've all become familiar in recent years with the well-known infinity symbol and its significance. However recently, more and more people are starting to be drawn towards the double infinity symbol. Its sudden increase in popularity must have a reason behind it. Let's explore the different origins of this fascinating symbol.

The Double Infinity Meaning

The double infinity symbol is often used in jewellery and is very popular in the tattoo world. It is created by intertwining two infinity symbols together, one on top of the other. These two infinity symbols together signify perfection. Each figure represents a separate zone of infinity - one representing infinite space and one representing infinite time, individually owning their significance but together achieving perfection.

Who, What and Where?

The infinity symbol originates to the earliest of Greek times. An idea that has been used over centuries of time to describe something without any bound. In modern mathematics, the concept of infinity is used for many practical and theoretical problems and also in sciences such as physics. The infinity has come through the centuries and visited many a culture, being used for a variety of concepts and ideas - especially now it is used for Infinity Jewellery. The double infinity especially shows similarities to Celtic knots, which also in turn have no end or beginning, alike, representing eternal and limitless things.

Couples & Love

Couples often invest in the double infinity symbol, be it in jewellery or tattoos. The reason for this is that when the double infinity is created by the couple it signifies the lengthy connection and devotion of the two infinities, representing the two sides of the relationship – like space & time, man & woman and whatever each side brings from their own infinite world - combining two everlasting commitments. The two pieces of infinite circles, set together, show the perfect balance between the partners of their independent yet intertwined lives. The Double Infinity Necklace is a perfect piece of jewellery to wear around your neck, so that you can hold this special connection close to your heart.

Differences between Infinity and Double Infinity:

  • Infinity - Signifies the idea of limitless and never ending possibilities, a beautiful and empowering reminder of eternal measure.
  • Double Infinity - Symbolizes the idea of combining two everlasting infinities, to create equal, everlasting perfection.
  • Two infinity symbols combined is a sign for unlimited possibilities. The merging of them together create more positivity and endless room for potential.


The double infinity symbol has become a tattoo trend started by the character Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke), from the hit TV series ‘Revenge’. The real reason Emily invested in this is because her late father left her a box of mementos and engraved on the box was a double infinity sign. The tattoo on her wrist is of a double infinity symbol, representing her father's love for "infinity times infinity", as he told her as a child. This non-fiction show has had a huge impact on the tattoo world and the jewellery world.

The future for the ‘Double Infinity’

Gold Double InfinityThe single infinity symbol has no end and represents an eternal reality. It became a big success in the fashion jewellery and tattoo world and has been a popular hit for many years now. The double infinity symbol however, is more than that - it is two eternal realities coming together. It is a recent innovation that is still undiscovered by some but loved by those who have found it.

The double infinity symbol is a wonderful way to express your adoration and commitment to the one you love. There are many different ways to have this made into your ideal favourite piece of jewellery. oNecklace custom designs can help you find the perfect gift or treat for yourself. You can even get matching items to solidify a special relationship.

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