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Monogram necklaces celebrities wear - Latest celebrity jewellery trends

Celebrities & Monograms

Monogram necklace

Monogram necklaces have come into fashion thanks to our most loved celebrities. How did this happen and why? To be fair, all that fashion designers have to do in order to bring a new style into fashion, is to ask the celebs to wear it - and there you have it, a trend is set. This goes for clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and makeup. Monogram jewelry seems to have taken its natural course through the celebrity world and it is clear that they truly love wearing them, and not just under designers’ pressure. It seems that the general public is inspired by celebrity jewelry and the effect of the monogram necklace has impressed upon everyone.

Celebrity necklaces trends are forever changing and updating from religiously expressive to statement pieces and personalized charms. It’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest trends by reading magazines and articles online so that you know what is in and what is out. Some trends never go out they just lose that originality factor and press coverage over time - therefore you never need to ‘overdo’ something to get the most out of it while it’s at its highest point of ‘trendy’. In fact you should never really overdo anything. A great tip is to always keep your jewelry displayed in moderation with your outfit.

Sentiment & personalization

monogram bracelete

Monogram necklaces may display your initials or the initials of a loved one, giving the jewelry a lot of sentimental value. I think this is one of the things people love about monograms the most. We love to see our own names displayed in silver or gold, it makes us feel good. It is a piece of identity, a short description of who you are, for all to see, there is an essence of pride. The monogram is a subtle way of expressing your true self.

The Monogram

Many celebrities monogram necklaces are of their children's or loved one’s names. The monogram is a classic piece that has and will be featuring the red carpet for quite some time. It makes a gorgeous addition to one's jewelry box and can be worn for any occasion, day or night. Celebrity jewelry ranges in terms of the style and whether it is casual day time or elegant evening.

Celebrity monogram necklaces are usually made in more pricey materials, sometimes encrusted with diamonds which on occasion are given to them to wear by designers or stylists. These may seem out of the average price range but no need to panic because there are plenty of stores that will create any style and material, in fantastic quality, for you to order (usually online) at a reasonable price. Since the initials of the individual are always different, many jewelers create samples but the item itself must be custom made. You can choose from a wide range of monogram styles/fonts, materials, and sizes. Most importantly, you can incorporate a monogram into any type of jewelry, such as:

  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Bracelet
  • keyrings

What do you wear the Monogram with?Monogram necklaces are so versatile, in a way that they suit everyone and most senses of style. They go best with wide or plunging necklines and can be worn with other pieces of jewelry or by itself as a statement piece. A monogram can be fashioned as just one letter, like an initial necklace and can even be layered with a plain, simple bar necklace.

Monograms have had an incredible impact on fashion, similar to the effect of the name necklace, like the celebrity name necklace which ‘Carrie’ wore in Sex and the City.

The best thing about personalized jewelry is that you can have them made as per your choice. You can choose the size of the pendant, the length of the chain, the material you wish for it to be made from and any engravings or embellishments that you could dream of. The most exciting part of all this is that you can creatively design them in the comfort of your home, order online, and then they will be manufactured and delivered right to your door.

This type of personalized jewelry reflects on you as a person and your style, so you must make sure you keep it stylish and chic. Monograms are timeless and fabulous, ready to match with any type of look.

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